Common Issues With Your Garage Door System Where A Repair Is Needed

Your garage door system may show signs that it needs to be repaired, even if you are able to open and close it successfully. If you are experiencing trouble with the garage door staying open, or there are issues with your garage door changing direction midstream, it's time for a garage door repair technician to come and investigate further. You could have a problem with your opener, with debris in the tracks, with the tension springs, or with the sensors that align to stop the door from crushing an object in the way. When you can't figure out what is causing your door to malfunction, a professional can come and repair your garage door.

The Garage Door Doesn't Stay Open

You might notice that your garage door closes a few inches when it is in the open position. If the door closes six inches or more, your tension springs are becoming loose. You might have a garage door that closes several feet, an indication that the tension springs could snap if you don't get them adjusted. If a tension spring snaps when the door is in the open position, your garage door will come crashing down.

The Door Keeps Changing Directions

A door that changes direction midstream may simply have a piece of debris in the way that is preventing the door from closing all the way. Check the tracks to make sure the brackets are in place. If a bracket has fallen off, your tracks won't be able to remain parallel. This can cause the door to change direction. Make sure your sensors near the bottom are clear and facing each other if the door changes direction when it hits the sensors.

Your Door Goes Slower than Normal

If you notice that your garage door is opening very slowly, two problems could be happening at the same time. Your opener might be starting to burn out, or your tension springs could be loose. Both problems can cause your door to move slowly, as the tension springs help to hold the weight of the heavy door when the door opens and closes.

When you are experiencing small problems with your garage door system, get these checked out by a garage door repair technician. You don't want to get injured by a tension spring that snaps, and you don't want to deal with a system that breaks completely because you didn't get it repaired.

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