Garage Door Spring Repairs Are Best Left To The Pros

When you come home and click the garage door remote, you expect the door to open. If it doesn't, and you've recently changed the batteries, you know the issue likely isn't the remote control. One potential cause could be the garage door springs. If the springs need replacing, you shouldn't attempt this job yourself. Spring replacement can be a dangerous job and is best left to the pros. Here's more information on garage door spring replacement, including why they should get replaced by a professional garage door repair person. 

Signs Garage Door Springs Need Replacing

As mentioned above, the failure of the garage door opener to raise the door can signify broken springs. However, there are other signs to watch for as well. Some of these include:

  • The garage door opens or closes unevenly
  • The garage door comes down too quickly
  • A loud bang comes from the garage
  • The garage door doesn't open all the way
  • The garage door doesn't rest halfway open anymore
  • There is more noise as the garage door opens or closes
  • The top of the garage door is bent
  • The garage door opens a few inches and closes
  • There are gaps in the spring coils
  • The garage door feels heavier 
  • The cables are dangling
  • The springs have visible rust

Why Springs Should Get Replaced by A Professional

Safety: The garage door has springs that are tightly wound. The tension in the coils is required to lift the heavy door. When a garage door spring breaks, all that tension will quickly release at once. The spring can hit you with significant force as it breaks. This can seriously injure you, especially if you're hit in the head or the eye. You could also get severely injured if the spring breaks and the garage door slams down on you. 

Money Savings: Replacing garage door springs requires knowledge and the right tools, such as a winding bar, lubricant, locking pliers, and leather gloves. Some of these tools you may have to purchase. After buying the tools and attempting to fix the springs, you may have to have a professional come take over. You can save money by having them repair the springs from the start. 

Functionality: Once the springs are replaced, the garage door should work right and have a longer lifespan. The best way for you to know that both these things are going to happen is to have a professional garage door repair person repair them. 

Contact a garage door repair company for more information. 

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