You Cannot Tell What Is Wrong With Your Garage Door: 3 Door Sensor Problems

Most people know that their garage door should open or close when they touch the button on the side or press the remote control. However, few people understand the mechanism through which their garage door openers work. The opener has a sensor which is the crucial safety feature on your garage. When the sensor is functional, your door will stop when an object gets in the path of the door. The door reverses or stops to avoid accidents. However, when the opener stops working, it compromises your safety. Here are some common sensor problems.

Your Door Will Not Close

A problematic garage door sensor opens the door well but does not close as efficiently. Sometimes, the door closes and then rolls back to the open position immediately. Both problems indicate that your garage door sensors have an issue. You can troubleshoot this problem using the cardboard test. Here, you place a piece of cardboard under the door and try to close the door. If the sensors are functional, the door will stop as it approaches the boxes. On the other hand, if the sensors are dysfunctional, the door will roll shut and damage the stack of boxes. 

The Photo Eye Sensor Lights Stop Working

Another way you can tell that your garage door has stopped working is when the photo-eye sensor lights go out. The green light sends a beam of light, and the red one receives it. If either or both of the lights go out or stop blinking, your door has damage that needs repairs. Typically, one of the lights goes out when the sensor has a problem. You can get a professional to troubleshoot and fix the system.

Issues With the Sensor Lenses

It is advisable always to protect your garage door from dust because it can accumulate on the sensor lens. When dirt and grime accumulate excessively on the sensor lens, it stops sending the signal that the system needs to function. The problem is easy to fix as you only need to wipe the dirt from the sensor. If you wipe it clean and the lens still doesn't work, call in a technician to check it for damage. Also, check the lens power supply and ascertain it is still working.

Your garage door sensor keeps your family and pets safe from the rolling garage door. Consider getting professionals to troubleshoot its problems to avoid bigger problems in the future. For more information, contact a garage door service.

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