Woody Ambiance – How To Paint Your Garage Door Like Faux Wood

A wooden garage door can add a lot to your home's curb appeal. It's a classic and traditional look that invokes times gone by. But a real wooden door might set you back 2 or 3 times as much as a regular aluminum model.

But there's good news: a compromise can be found. What is it? Painting an aluminum door like wood. Here's a 5-step guide to making your own.

Prepare and Prime. You may need to start by priming the garage door if it's been previously painted. This will prevent your old colors from seeping through and ruining your efforts. Clean the door thoroughly and fix anything that needs repaired before painting. Once the primer is applied and dries, you're ready to get started. Be sure to choose a warm – but not hot – day to let the paint dry best.

Tape Off the Horizontal Panels. Start with just the raised horizontal panels (often rectangular) by taping them off to separate them from the rest (which you'll paint later).

Paint the Base Color. Using an acrylic latex exterior paint, paint each section in two different colors. The bottom layer should be a lighter cream or tan color. Dip the brush in the paint and drag it over the panel to create a good cover with brush lines. Don't try to make the lines too perfect – they should look natural and random. If you want to practice the effect before painting your door, test it on some scrap wood, a hidden part of the door or a scrap metal surface.

Repeat With the Wood Color. Once the first layer dries, repeat to form the top layer. This color will be the wood-effect color you prefer – often a mahogany, cherry or pine equivalent. Drag the brush over the creamy base to create a more natural and layered final effect.

Remove the Tape and Finish. Once you've gotten the hang of the process on the horizontal panels and let them dry, it's time to finish the rest of the door. Remove the tape and use long strokes to cover the remaining parts of the door. For guidance on how this should look, observe some wood cabinets in your home for inspiration.

There you have it – a new wooden garage door for a fraction of the cost. And the result will be a beautiful focal point of your home's entrance for years to come.  To learn more, contact a company like Howard's Overhead Doors Inc. 

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