Can You Quiet The Sound Of A Noisy Garage Door Opener?

Does your garage door sound like fingernails on a chalkboard? There's nothing worse than the ear piercing squeak and grind of a noisy garage door opener, except maybe when the neighbors hear it after dark. Can you quiet the sound of a noisy garage door opener? Yes! And here's how:

Step #1: Tightening Loose Parts

Nuts and bolts are common culprits of unwanted noise. They work loose over time, thanks to the daily vibration of the garage door opening and closing. You can fix the problem with a trusty wrench and socket set. Track down those nuts and bolts and give them a good tightening to make cringe worthy noises vanish.

Step #2: "Spring" Into Action

Springs and hinges can be the cause of a loud door. Garage doors have two types of springs: extension and high tension. Either can become noisemakers if broken or on their way to breaking.

Extension springs are found above the upper tracks and the closed door, and they are safe for a DIY repair. High-tension springs are under extreme tension, carrying the entire weight of the garage door. If you suspect them to be the issue, contact a professional repairman for assistance.

Step #3: Get New Rollers

If nuts, bolts, and springs don't appear to be the problem, it's time to check the rollers. Watch them while opening and shutting the door and listen for any noise.

Rollers develop a squeak when worn. If the rollers look like they have seen better days, replacing them may solve the noise issue. 

Step #4: Check the Garage Door Opener

Check the trolley mechanism's tension. If it's loose, the wince worthy noise may be coming from a lack of tension.

It's also possible the rolling mechanism needs lubrication. A little grease can make all the difference in the world on metal mechanical parts. However, if your garage door opener operates with a belt drive, do not use grease or lubricant because belts are made to be greased.

Step #5: Call for Backup

If steps one through four fail, you can still call for backup. Sometimes the only way to quiet an unruly garage door opener is to call a professional, like those at Quality Doors, to handle the problem.

A noisy garage door opener doesn't have to be a permanent fixture of your home. You can find a solution. All you need to do is track down the root of the noise.

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