Unusual Garage Door Designs You Should Consider To Update A Residential Facade

If you're thinking about updating the exterior of your property but don't want to perform a major overhaul, you may want to look into new garage doors. Garage door trends are pushing the envelope with simple and effective modifications that make a big impact on the exterior of your entire home. So if you're looking for something new to add to your facade and want an affordable and easy solution, here are some unusual garage door designs that you may want to look into.

Light Players

Adding garage doors that include full panes of glass or acrylic paneling is a beautiful way to introduce light as a way to transform your home's exterior. Though doors with small windows have been around for decades, consider an unusual update with a modern twist on the mundane. Consider introducing maximum visibility and light play with long windows on every panel, as well as bay panels that extend from floor to ceiling on swing or slide doors, or full panels that include cut-outs where small odd-shaped windows fill the space. If you want to play with light but still want to keep wandering eyes away from the interior of your garage, consider using metal gating or grating (which can also elevate the security) or frosted panels that give a warm glow from the street.

What's Old is New

Reclamation is a trend that's hitting interior design heavily because it couples the concept of sustainability with honoring tradition. But reclamation is also making its way to your home's exterior, with options for new garage door units fabricated from what's old, as well as doors made to look like the old. If you can find authentic garage doors fabricated from carriage houses, fire, farm or schoolhouses, you have an instant gem to feature on your residential facade. But even if you can't find the right fit, price, or dealer of reclaimed doors, you can still update your outdoors with manufactured versions that can take the style back in time and won't require hardware or operational modifications.

Modern Mutiny

Modern garage doors put an emphasis on simplicity of design, highlighting textures, tones, and patterns that can either be featured or blend completely with your home. Modern encompasses everything from the artistic to industrial, and it can provide simplicity in style and beauty that breathes new life into your residence. Using the uncommon, like copper paneling or artistic patterns is another modern take on garage doors that can transform your entire home with a simple upgrade.

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