How To Wash A Garage Door

Cleaning a garage door is an important part of the maintenance of your door. You should clean the garage door once a month to keep it clean and ensure that you clear all the dirt off the door. Here is a simple step-by-step set of instructions that will teach you how to clean your garage door.

To complete this task,you will need the following items:

A bucket of warm water

Dish soap


Pressure washer

Garden hose

Access to the water connection

1 - Start by filling the bucket with warm water and then add dish soap and mix it together until the suds begin to show inside the bucket.

2 - Take the sponge and dunk it into the soapy water and then apply it to the dirty parts of the garage door. Cover the entire surface of the garage door with soap and allow it to sit for a couple minutes to allow the soap to break down the dirt on the door.  

3 - Take the sponge and scrub tough stains on the door with the soapy sponge. You will need to apply a certain amount of force in order to get as much of the stain off the door before using the pressure washer.

4 - Hook the garden hose up to the water connection and then connect the other end to the pressure washer. After both sides are connected, turn on the water and check for any leaks in the hose or around each of the connections. If there is a leak, turn the water off and patch the leak before proceeding with the pressure washer.

5 - Turn the pressure washer on low pressure and use it to rinse off the soap on the garage door.

6 - Turn the pressure washer onto high pressure and blast away any tough stains that will remain on the door. You can increase the pressure on the stain by moving the pressure washer closer to the door, but don't hold it in one position for longer than ten to fifteen seconds or you run the risk of stripping the paint off the door.

7 - Turn the pressure washer back to low pressure and rinse the door one final time.

8 - Let the garage door air dry to complete the job.

When working on the garage door, if you notice any mechanical errors or the door will not close or open, then you should immediately call a garage door repair technician. They can also perform maintenance tasks such as fixing the tension in the springs or lubricate the rolling tracks. 

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