Top Reasons To Have Your Garage Door Professional Repaired

Does your home have a garage door? Is it starting to malfunction and need repair? While you may be tempted to perform the repairs yourself, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to do it for you: 

No risk of injury:  When trying to perform your own garage door repair, you could be injured in a number of ways. Since garage door can be heavy and unwieldy, especially if you have one that is solid and not segmented, the door itself could fall on you. It's also possible that you could get your finger or a limb caught between gears or other moving parts as you're trying to unstick part of the motor. A professional will know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it safely. 

Less risk of damage: If you escape injury to yourself or any helpers that you've recruited, it's still possible that you could damage the door itself. Some garage door motors can be delicate and difficult for the average person to service. If you attempt to do so, you may risk stripping or bending the gears. You could also warp part of the track badly enough that it will need to be completely replaced. A professional will be able to take care of the repair without causing any further damage.

Warranty: If you do your own garage door repair work, you won't be able to guarantee or warranty any parts that break afterwards. Instead, you'll have to pay for any additional repairs out of your own pocket. In addition, your the garage door or motor may come with a warranty that only applies if it is installed or repaired by a qualified professional, like those at Doors Unlimited. Hiring a qualified workman to complete the job may mean fewer out of pocket expenses in the long run.

Repairs last longer: Even if you're sure that you'll manage to not injure yourself or damage the garage door system in the process, you should still consider having a professional do your garage door repair. Without access to the replacement parts that you need, you may be tempted to make substitutions. While these substitutions may work for a little while, they can end up wearing out and breaking much sooner than the correct parts would. Because of this, you may wind up stuck in a constant cycle of repairs that could wind up costing you much more than a professional would have cost in the first place.

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