Tips For Choosing The Best Garage Door

When you go shopping for a new garage door, you'll notice they are made from a variety of materials. Each has its advantages, and some may be more suitable for your lifestyle than others. Here is some information about garage door materials to help you decide which one is right for you.

Affordable Options

If your budget is tight and low cost is an important deciding factor, then you should consider an aluminum or steel garage door. Aluminum doors are affordable and lightweight. They have the advantage of never rusting, and they need little maintenance. However, they dent easily. Therefore, an aluminum door might not be the best choice if you plan to put a basketball hoop over your garage.

Steel doors a little more sturdy. Doors made with a single layer of steel are the most affordable, but they are not very good at insulating your garage. If you want to use your garage as a workshop or exercise room, you may want to buy a more expensive steel door that has multiple layers of steel with insulation sandwiched between them. One drawback to steel is that it can rust in spots where the surface paint is nicked or scratched.

A Traditional Appearance

If you want a classic look, then a wood garage door may be what you prefer. Wood doors are heavy and sturdy. However, they require the most maintenance of all garage door materials. The wood itself is susceptible to damage from insects and rotting. You'll have to stain or paint the wood on a regular basis to maintain its appearance. If you want wood because of its surface appearance, you could consider buying a garage door made of another material that has a surface textured to look like wood grain. Then you will have the look of wood without all the work. However, if you have a historic home and want a traditional garage door, then wood is the best option.

Little Maintenance Required

Some garage doors need very little upkeep. If that sounds ideal to you, then you may want to install a vinyl or composite wood door. These are made with resin, and have color pigments added during the manufacturing process. That means you never have to paint the doors. Because they are made with resin, the won't rot or be destroyed by insects. They are also sturdy, so dents and nicks won't be a problem. To keep these low-maintenance garage doors looking good, all you need to do is hose the dirt off occasionally with a garden hose or pressure washer.

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