3 Easy Ways To Fix A Squeaky Garage Door

Squeaking garage doors are more than just a nuisance. They can be the first sign that something isn't right with your door. If you pay attention to the noise as soon as possible after it starts, you may be able to head off a costly repair later. To get started, lower the garage door to give yourself room to work and then methodically check out the entire door.

Look for Any Loose Parts

Carefully look at all of the hinges, rollers, and other parts on the door. Start at one side at the top and work your way down one side and around to the other so that you don't miss any parts in between. If the lighting in your garage isn't that great, use a head lamp so that both hands are free and you can get a good view. Jiggle each part and use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten up any parts that feel loose.

Replace Any Worn Parts

While you're tightening loose parts, look for parts that look as though they're wearing out. A good sign that interior threads are wearing out is when you try to tighten them and the screw or bolt doesn't catch or tighten at all. Other signs might include parts that don't fit well against each other anymore or springs that seem to be stretched out or twisted. Make notes of the pieces that you need to replace and where they're located so that when you get the parts, you can easily swap them out.

Add Lubrication Wherever Necessary

The next step is to lubricate all the moving parts that you can get to. Grease works well for the tracks on either side of the door. Add a liberal amount of grease and the door will help to spread it into the cracks and crevices as you raise and lower it. Other parts to lubricate include the hinges, the roller shafts, and the torsion springs. A spray lubricant works well for these parts and it doesn't take long to apply.

Test out the door afterward and see if your noisy door is not as noisy anymore. If there is still a good bit of noise, you may have additional issues that require additional help. Contact a company like DSI Door Services North Shore that specializes in garage doors and repair to inspect your door. They might be able to save you money in the long run if it turns out cheaper to replace a garage door than it is to keep repairing it.

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