Screw-Drive Vs. Chain-Drive: What Are The Differences?

A lot of attention has been paid in the garage door world to screw-drive garage door openers. There has been some argument that it is better than other types of openers. If you are shopping for a new garage door, it is a good idea to compare the screw-drive door opener to the more traditional chain-drive. 

What Is a Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener?

The chain-drive door opener is one of the more commonly selected types of openers. It features a chain that is attached to a trolley that pulls open your garage door. Some models have the chain hidden, but this is a newer feature that was added to make the doors quieter. 

What Is a Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener?

The screw-drive door opener relies on a steel rod to help open and close your door. It has fewer parts than the chain-drive opener and is considered to be quieter. This particularly type of opener has a range of features available including infrared safety sensors and battery backup. 

What Are the Differences Between the Two?

One of the biggest differences between the screw-drive and the chain-drive is the amount of noise associated with each. Chain-drive door openers tend to be louder due to the vibrations from the trolley lifting the door. By contrast, screw-drive openers are quieter due to the use of the rod. The screw-drive tracks are also lined with plastic to help keep them quieter. 

Chain-drive door openers have one big advantage over screw-drive openers though. The chain-drive opener is typically less expensive. If you are looking to save money with the chain-drive, consider the type with the hidden chain to reduce noise. 

Another difference to consider is that the screw-drive requires very little maintenance. The chain-drive opener does require more maintenance, but is very dependable if it is regularly serviced. 

Which Should You Choose?

Chain-drive door openers are ideal if you have a detached garage. The vibrations from the door opening and closing can be a nuisance if you have an attached garage. 

You should consider a screw-drive garage opener if you live in a climate with steady temperatures. The opener can experience minor trouble if it is used in areas with extreme swings in temperatures. 

To assess which door is right for your home, talk to your garage door technician (such as SMARR GARAGE DOOR). He or she can help you select a door for your home's situation and install it. 

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